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      Iron Industry Museum a blast from the past

      Not many museums give visitors a chance to take a trip to an underground mine and get a beautiful view of the Carp River. That's what makes the Michigan Iron Industry Museum special. The museum opened up 25 years ago and celebrates the rich history of mining in the Upper Peninsula. The museum contains mining artifacts from the 1800s through the more recent era of mining. The importance of mining in Michigan, through the years, is the heart and soul of the museum.

      "We're lucky to have this museum here, which goes beyond just the Carp River forge site, which is why the museum is here but expands into iron mining in Michigan overall, continuing on to the present," said Troy Henderson, the museum's historian.

      The museum has many events planned this summer as they celebrate their 25th anniversary. Admission to the Iron Industry Museum is free, however, donations are accepted. For more information on the museum, click here.