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      Iron Mountain police may look to Sheriff's Department for services

      For years, Iron Mountain and Kingsford have been talking about ending the duplicity of their services and joining fire and police forces. But even though those consolidation talks had good intentions, a negotiation was never reached.

      Looking to other options, Iron Mountain has considered the Dickinson County Sheriff's Department as a potential alternative.

      â??With Iron Mountain inquiring with our office if we would be interested or capable of taking over the police service of Iron Mountain, we want to make sure that weâ??re moving slowly,â?? said Sheriff Scott Celello, â??as does the city because we want to do whatâ??s right for the county, and for the residents of the city of Iron Mountain, and for our officers, and the officers of the Iron Mountain Police Department.â??

      The discussion about contracting the Sheriff's Department is still in its earliest stages, but Sheriff Celello is asking for permission from the county board to begin that discussion is a promising step.

      â??They said it was something worth looking into, but weâ??re going to move slow,â?? Celello said.

      As of yet, no timeline has been secured regarding the contract, and the sheriff said he expects to have more conversations with city and police officials before making any definite decisions.

      â??We donâ??t want to take on something that we may not be able to handle, so thatâ??s why we need to move slow and make sure itâ??s the right thing for Iron Mountain,â?? Celello said.