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      Iron Mountain State Police look forward to 2014

      You may not be too thrilled to see a Michigan State Trooper when you get pulled over, but the fact of the matter is, the State Police really do care about your safety.

      â??The Michigan State Police is a full-service police agency, and it provides traffic enforcement and criminal investigation,â?? said First Lieutenant, Christine Grabowski. â??We have canine units, a dive team, and a SWAT team.â??

      The Iron Mountain post introduced a seatbelt safety traffic initiative in 2013 with the hopes of encouraging citizens in Dickinson and Iron counties to belt up.

      â??The seat belt rate in Dickinson and Iron counties increased from 70 percent of people wearing seatbelts to 90 percent over last summer. In four short months, more lives were saved and injuries prevented in these two counties,â?? Grabowski said.

      They said they'll continue to monitor seatbelt safety going into 2014, as well as adding other safety initiatives. And while they've got some stats to be proud of in 2013, they're looking in the new year to add to their team.

      â??We are always looking for individuals; we are aggressively recruiting,â?? said Community Service Trooper, Geno Basanese. â??In the last year and a half we have added four new Michigan State Police Troopers to the Iron Mountain post.â??

      Basanese said he hopes 2014 will include even more opportunities to interact with the community.

      â??As the Community Service Trooper of the Iron Mountain post, what's really special is a lot of times in law enforcement, it's nature is kind of a negative context sometimes. Whereas being in the community and being in the schools, we get to have such a positive contact, because not only do we work here, we also live here, and it's nice to see the people even when we're not working,â?? Basanese said.