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      Iron Mountain students give back

      Students at the Iron Mountain High School are learning generosity at a young age. They're giving other students the chance to receive clothing and items free of charge.

      It's part of a program called "The Clothes Closet". Students and the public are able to donate clothes and new hygiene products for other students who need them. The program was started by students, including Emily Mattson.

      "Ever since my sophomore year, we've been working very hard to keep this going and we've had a very good outcome with students using it from Iron Mountain. We have some parents using it and some middle schoolers, because we have middle school sizes and high school sizes. It has been a huge success," said Mattson.

      The student volunteers sort through the items to look for the ones most suited for students their age. School supplies are also included as part of the giveaway items. If you're interested in donating items, you can contact the high school.