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      Iron Ore Heritage Trail gets new kiosk

      People using the Marquette leg of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail now have a new sign.

      Crews have now installed a new six sided kiosk at the Marquette Commons. Through interpretation centers like this one, residents and visitors can delve deeper into what life was like for the communities that relied on iron ore.

      The Iron Ore Heritage Trail starts in Republic and ends in Chocolay Township. It runs for 48 miles through Marquette County, taking hikers and bikers along the historic trail originally used in the early mining days.

      "It gives them direction of where to go from here. Later this summer we'll put directional signage up as well along the whole 30 miles of route that we have done," says Carol Fulsher, Iron Ore Heritage rec admin. "We're just trying to get better amenities for the trail users."

      Ninety nine percent of the trail is now in public hands, with the remainder being leased for the next 25 to 50 years.