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      Iron Ore Heritage Trail officially opens!

      After three years of work, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail is officially open, connecting Marquette and Negaunee.

      A special ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Tuesday in Negaunee to mark the occasion.

      Guest speakers included Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder, US Senator Debbie Stabenow, as well as local government representatives. Construction of the trail has been partially funded by the Michigan Department of Transportation and a Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund.

      For many in attendance, the work all pays off starting today.

      "We are here to celebrate today because it's been a long process, and my board deserves the kudos for sticking through with this, and people are out using the trails, and it is good somebody was on the trail the other day and they said that they saw 70 people," said Carol Fulsher of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.

      "This trail is an example of a balance between maybe some motorized sports and some very environmental sports such as hiking. It really brings those two together and more than that, it celebrates the tradition that we've had in the Upper Peninsula which is really mining-based," added Representative John Kivela.