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      Ironwood rewrites 33-year-old city comprehensive plan

      For the first time since 1981, Ironwood is rewriting the city's comprehensive plan. A new take on recreation, business, and economy in the area is being planned out for 20 years into the future.

      Community Development Director, Michael Brown, says the city is asking its near- 5,300 residents to voice their opinions.

      â??In order to really move forward and progress and make changes, we need to have new ideas, fresh ideas from people that are living here nowadays,â?? said Ironwood community development director, Michael Brown.

      In the last decade, Brown said many positive changes were made in the city's infrastructure, along with water and sewer developments and repaved roads. Now, job creation and business retention are the number one priorities.

      â??How do we bring a good wage into the community for people that are here?â?? he said. â??There is high unemployment everywhere, but we want to see if we can curb that.â??

      Residents are hoping for other improvements as well in recreation, quality of life, and general beautification.

      â??We need to develop more trails. We need to develop better housing for people, and just improve the city,â?? said Ironwood resident of 62 years, Sam Davey.

      Most of the new developments will be funded through grants the city will apply for after the comprehensive plan is complete.

      Though Brown said there isn't a solid timeline of when everything will be in place, residents feel they are on the right track.

      â??The cost of living here is pretty much lower, very safe place to live, there's hardly any crime rate whatsoever, and if you enjoy winter and summer and all the seasons, there's not many places better than Ironwood for that,â?? added Davey.

      For more information about the new comprehensive plan, click here .