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      Ironwood woman's glass oven door explodes while baking

      Tiziana Thompson was baking bread on a typical Saturday afternoon. She preheated the oven to 425 degrees and prepared to put the dough inside.

      But what happened next, she never expected.

      ??When the timer went off, I opened the door, I put in the baking, I close it, and as soon as I close it, boom!?? explained Thompson. ??All the glass was shattered. I was barefoot. Thank God I didn??t get hurt.??

      The outside safety glass on her Kenmore Elite range had exploded into thousands of tiny shards.

      Thompson purchased her stove from Sears in September of 2012 with a one-year warranty, and the incident occurred on November 16, 2013.

      After being bounced around on the phone for almost two hours, Thompson finally was connected to the main customer care line, who told her she would have to pay for the damage because it was no longer under warranty.

      ??They??re trying to blame me, like, ??Well, maybe you hit it,?? or maybe like it was my fault,?? she added.

      But a little research goes a long way, and Thompson discovered she wasn??t alone.

      Hundreds of online reviews of the same model as her stove described similar incidents, including a news report from Rhode Island two years ago.

      ??This is not a wear-and-tear issue,?? said Thompson. ??This is a safety issue. I should not expect something like this to happen.??

      Thompson said Sears has offered to give her a $65 coupon off a new glass cover, but she isn??t after money. She said it??s the principal of the situation, and that Sears should replace the glass free of charge.

      She urges others to investigate products before purchasing.

      ??Be very aware of what you buy, and do your research. That??s what I learned,?? said Thompson. ??From now on, I??m going to do my research on the Internet before I??m going to buy something.??