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      Is fructose leading to overeating?

      Think twice before taking that soda or frozen dinner.

      A recent brain imaging study shows fructose can trick your brain into overeating. Your brain sends a signal to your body when you eat regular sugar (glucose), you are full. But that's not the case with fructose.

      "The dopamine center of your brain does not shut off, according to the study. It doesn't receive that message. It will not shut off so it will continue that craving and continue that craving, tell you that you want to eat and consume more," said Michelle Boehmer, registered dietitian.

      You find fructose in fruits and vegetables, but it's the higher levels of fructose which manufacturers use to add to processed foods that you should be worried about.

      High levels of fructose syrup are found in just about everything like juices, breakfast items, snacks, and much more. Those easy, go-to food items add up.

      Experts say obesity can lead to major health issues.

      "People who are type two diabetic, meaning it's from eating so much and being obese, not something they were born with or even pre-diabetics. Eighty million in the U.S., if someone is diabetic or pre-diabetic--they just doubled their risk of getting Alzheimer's disease," said Dr. James Surrell, MGH Digestive Health.

      So what should you do? Get back to the basics, according to doctors. Before buying anything, read the labels. If it says high fructose syrup under the ingredients on the label, ditch the item.

      Dietitians say moderation is key. Your best bet is to stick to all natural foods like fruits and veggies.