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      Is Greek yogurt for you?

      It's bitter, thicker, and experts say much healthier than traditional yogurt.

      When it comes to yogurt, many adults are going Greek. Elmer's County Market in Escanaba has over 69 different kinds of Greek yogurt. They're a big hit with adults.

      Greek yogurt is flying off the shelves here at local supermarkets. But Greek yogurt for kids is becoming a popular sight to see as well. Two fourth graders took the taste test to see if they liked this healthy snack.

      â??It is much like the other yogurt, but it has a twist, and I think they would like that," explains fourth grader Payton Nault.

      Many kids prefer foods that are sweet. Fourth graders Payton Nault and Tehya Mattson say Greek yogurt has a sour taste, but it's not too bad. And even though it's not as sweet as regular yogurt, they like it.

      â??Yes, Iâ??m definitely going to try it again," Nault says.

      Greek yogurt has more protein and less fat than traditional yogurt. To court parents and kids, brands like Chobani are now selling Champions tubes with kid-friendly names like Chillinâ?? Cherry. There's a market for Greek yogurt, and kids are taking a bite.