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      Is it time for indoor gardening?

      You may be itching to start an indoor garden while you wait for spring to arrive. However, it's a little early to start planting seeds for your garden.

      Starting your garden now could make your plants vulnerable before transplanting. By seeding early, plants will be too large and can make keeping them healthy more difficult.

      Elise Bunce, owner of Rock River Perennial Garden and Greenhouse, says the exception are some vegetables.

      "I would start peppers, things that take a long time. Brussels Sprouts, those kind of things, like the second to third week or maybe even fourth of February," said Elise Bunce

      You can also start onions which take longer to germinate. If you're looking for something faster, lettuce seeds take four to six weeks from seeding to eating.

      Perennials can be started in mid March and annuals in April. When you do start, pick a room with a south facing window.

      Keep fluorescent lights three to five inches above plants.

      "A heat mat, a flat a cell tray for the soil and seeds to be in. Then, a humidome on top of that to keep them all warm and humid as they germinate," said Rowan Bunce, owner of Rock River Farms.