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      Is it time for snowshoes already?

      Even though the trails are not covered in snow yet, the season is right around the corner, so it's time to start talking about snowshoes.

      After hitting a rough spot, Iverson's Snowshoe Company is making a comeback. They have a new style that is sure to catch the attention of customers.

      Since the 1950s, Iverson's Snowshoe Company in Shingleton has continued to handcraft their original wooden snowshoes. Manager Hank Stamour says that they are the best out there.

      "White Ash is the wood that we use for the traditional style snowshoes," said Stamour. "So no metal other than the copper rivets that we use in the trails of the snowshoe."

      New this season is the Silent Glide. It has a new, rounded look and is smaller and more efficient.

      "It creates a cookie cutter effect in the snow which increases density in the snow which increases flotation, transferred up towards the person wearing it," Stamour added.

      He also says it will be the number one seller because it is so compact and easy to carry around. If the Silent Glide is not for you, don't worry because the company has 16 other styles to choose from, and they will custom make a pair to fit you just right.

      They come in all different styles depending on the type of terrain you will be using it on.

      The company stated that the people making the shoes are some of the best in the business. Julia Holmes has been lacing snowshoes since her mid-20s.ã??

      "I can do the middle part in three minutes, really! Yeah, and that's flying," said Holmes.

      The company said that sales are increasing globally, selling to more places this year like Germany, Korea, and Australia.

      For more information on these wooden snowshoes, click here.