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      Is manslaughter victim's aggression to blame?

      Thomas Hyttinen takes the stand in his own defense

      In the third day of the Thomas Hyttinen involuntary manslaughter trial, the defense attempted to paint the deceased Carl Mercer as an individual with an aggressive reputation.

      The defense is arguing that Mercer was the aggressor and that he provoked a fight with Hyttinen, who was merely defending himself.

      Seven witnesses took the stand Wednesday, two of them law enforcement officers who had run-ins with Mercer.

      The defense called an officer from Escanaba to testify, arguing Mercer's alleged abrasive reputation goes beyond Marquette County.

      "One of the two times I dealt with him, he was aggressive towards me," testified James Silverstone, a sergeant with Escanaba Public Safety.

      Other witnesses included a former Marquette police officer and neighbors of Hyttinen.

      Hyttinen took the stand in his own defense late Wednesday morning, and we will post an update once information of his testimony comes in. The defense rested its case around 11 a.m.

      You can also tune in to your TV6 Early News at 6 p.m. for the latest in the trial.