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      Is money on your mind?

      Saving money can be a difficult task, and Ronda Mackey says the economy is not making it any better.

      "I think with the rising price of food, fuel, and we live in Michigan. Our economy is just not doing so hot that any way we can help ourselves be financially independent, there is freedom in it," said Mackey.

      Tougher times can make it harder to save or invest money, but the Peter White Public Library is part of an Investor Education Pilot Program which can help. Program facilitator Joan Vinette says you have to sit down and assess your financial situation.

      "Look at where you are financially. Are you comfortable with your situation? Would you like to make some changes? Think about it...if you don't take the time to think and process where you're at, it's hard to move forward," said Vinette.

      Part one is learning what your current financial status is. To see where your money is going, it starts with filling out a cash flow statement. Write down how much money you spend on utilities, bills, and luxury items. You also calculate what assets you have such as investments, cash accounts and personal property.

      Following that, you calculate your liabilities, like how much you still owe on your house. The program makes it easy for you to be able to calculate these finances with worksheets that allow you to do the tracking.

      "I don't know about most people, but I definitely can use a lot of the tools like the pre-printed worksheets. I don't have to go online and search through a site," Mackey added.

      In part two, you will learn about getting to know what you spend your money on the most, and then how you can turn that extra cash into savings. There are three more sessions in the program. For more information on the program, click here.