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      Is physical therapy important for rehabilitation?

      The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics defines physical therapists as an important part of rehabilitation and treatment of patients with chronic conditions or injuries. But just how effective is it? Experts like Sara Edlebeck say very.

      â??Physical therapy is often a very important step in the rehabilitation process,â?? says Sara. â??It's a conservative step as opposed to surgery, injections or medications.â?? She says it helps improve patientâ??s quality of life and return to their prior levels of activity.

      Sara says physical therapy is a great way to regain maximum capability. According to a 2012 UP Rehab Patient Satisfaction Survey, 96 percent of their patients say therapy helped them recover and 95 percent say if needed, they will do physical therapy again.

      â??Being able to control your own body and healing process through physical therapy is more beneficial to people,â?? Sara says.

      William Burgess came to Iron Mountainâ??s UP Rehab clinic with a shoulder injury and says the 14 treatments have worked wonders on his recovery.

      â??I couldnâ??t raise my elbow over my shoulder, and now I could scratch my back and everything else,â?? says William.

      He says prior to his treatment, he was skeptical, but now he's never been better.

      â??Unless you go through something like this, a person can't believe itâ?|the way it could manipulate you and put you back together like you were to start with, it's unbelievable,â?? William says.