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      Is renters insurance a good investment?

      Fires, thefts and natural disasters...all things we see damaging lives and homes on a daily basis.

      Yet found only 34 percent of Americans have renters insurance.

      "Our owners policy of insurance covers the structure and personal injury, but it doesnt cover personal items," said Crescent Cove Apartments landlord, Joe Capuana.

      Kelly Schultz, an agent with City Insurance in Marquette, says rental insurance is "relatively inexpensive. It can range anywhere from $10 to $25 a month."

      "You should have it if you're living in a place you do not own," Schultz added.

      Renters insurance covers damage from theft, fires, water damage, weather, smoke and even those damages caused by yourself.

      "If you are renting a place and you cause any damage accidentally, you could be held liable for that," Schultz said. "That could potentially be paid out of your renters insurance liability portion."

      Policies can be purchased through an insurance agency. Renters choose how much liability they believe they need, but typically, $10,000 is the minimum, and it's recommended to make a list and/or take pictures and video and keep it in a fireproof safe as proof of what items were lost.

      Some companies will sell renter and car insurance as a bundle, at times lowering your auto insurance policy.