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      Is the lake you fish a clean one?

      For Facebook Friday you wanted to know more about what lakes are safest to eat fish from.

      On Facebook, Andrew Geist says, "I've only lived here for two to three years, but I've heard many times about high levels of mercury in Deer Lake in Ishpeming."

      Deer Lake is strictly catch and release only, but almost every other body of water in the UP is safe to eat fish from. Area fish hatcheries supply information to the Michigan Department of Community Health, which sets safety standards for Michigan lakes. When fishing, choose the safest fish to eat, so avoid older and bigger fish and those at the top of the food chain, as they will often accumulate the most chemicals over time. The ways you clean and cook them can also help.

      "We know that chemicals are in the fatty tissues so cutting away fat and grilling the fish and letting the fluids drip away is probably the best way you could do it," said Phil Schneeberger, Lake Superior Basin Coordinator.

      A list of Michigan lakes and the safe amounts and kinds of fish to eat from each can be found here from the MDCH . More information on how to choose, clean, and cook fish safely can be found here .