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      Is the U.P. prepared for an emergency?

      Although the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) is not the first place people might think of when it comes to a terrorist attack, that does not mean it cannot happen.

      Marquette County Emergency Management Coordinator Teresa Schwalbach said if there is an emergency, planning is in place and the U.P. will be ready.

      "The county plan is a basic all hazards plan. So if there's a flooding event, tornado, snowstorm, the plan is activated the same way. We may use different resources, but it's used the same way," said Schwalbach.

      The emergency operations center is located at the Michigan State Police Negaunee Post. In case of an emergency, officials will meet inside a board room with emergency kits on hand.

      "They have a phone, they have their phone book, they've got a copy of the plan. What they do is when they get everything set up, they go though and it's like a checklist format and a reminder that these are the tasks that they have to do," Schwalbach said.

      Every year staff members at Marquette General Hospital practice emergency drills

      "The reason we really need to exercise is both individualized training of our personnel and then also systematic development where we identify what works really well and where we have some gaps that we need to work on," said Marquette General's Lyn Nelson, emergency preparedness chairperson.