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      Is there a need for more transparency in politics?

      With election season on the horizon, Northern Michigan University invited a guest speaker to talk about the need for transparency in advertisements.

      Jocelyn Benson is currently the dean of Wayne State University Law School in Detroit. On Wednesday, she talked about the challenges in keeping voters informed as well as the practice of using money to unfairly influence the political process.

      Benson says pushing for increased transparency is a large task, but she has a couple of ideas that we can start with.

      "Two things: I think we need some laws that ban people from campaign ads that blatantly lie or try to distort a candidates' position. Some states actually do have laws that ban false advertising, but the second thing is that we really need to develop more opportunities for citizens to get access to reliable information about elections," said Benson.

      Benson also spoke about the role of social media in future elections, but she cautions that not everything on Facebook and Twitter is accurate.