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      Is there art in your morning coffee?

      Art comes in many different shapes and sizes, but have you ever seen it in your morning cup of coffee? Inside the 5th & Elm Coffee House, Edward Pagan is the mastermind behind some very unique designs. "I ended up working at a coffee shop in Puerto Rico. The two owners were members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. They were starting a trend down in Puerto Rico with latte art and specialty coffee, and I got tied up into that and haven't stopped doing it since," said Pagan. Pagan brought his artistic skills to 5th & Elm last year, and he says the customers really seem to enjoy it. "Most of the coffee places I've been to, they don't have people who make this type of design, so I think this place is very unique and that they actually do that for us," said Ethan Weydemeyer, customer. Pagan's designs range from hearts to teddy bears, and customers can even make their very own request. Pagan is also teaching his co-worker, Lisa, how to make different designs. "They kept telling me once you get it, it'll just come to you, and it's bizarre, but it truly does," said Lisa Nakkula. If you ever get a chance to visit 5th & Elm, make sure you look at your coffee before you drink it because you never know what you might see.