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      Is there hope for the uninsured?

      Leila Martin, owner of Bella Beads, spends $175 a month for health insurance which, she says, barely gives her family adequate coverage, adding she pays a high price for her sonâ??s asthma treatments.

      "We recently had to take him for a cardio-pulmonary test at Marquette General, and the test was almost $1000, and my insurance didn't pay any of it," said Martin.

      The mother added that she spends hundreds of dollars out of pocket every month just for his medications and doctors visits.

      "Itâ??s pretty hard," the mother said. "Youâ??re already paying a monthly premium, but then youâ??re paying above and beyond a large amount to the doctors."

      But Martin isnâ??t alone.

      Research by the Commonwealth Fund reveals the number of uninsured Americans in the last four years has climbed to 25 million people. And 48.6 million have no insurance at all, according to the 2011 census data.

      City Insurance Health Insurance Consultant Leslie Gardiner believes health care is "vital" especially when youâ??re faced with a medical emergency or medical issues. She says the Affordable Care Act will give under and uninsured new options.

      "All of your copays have to track towards your deductible," the consultant said. "It makes it much more affordable and limits your out-of-pocket expenses."

      The Congressional Budget Office projects that 32 million more people will have insurance by 2019.