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      Is wind energy viable in the Upper Peninsula?

      The Lake Superior Watershed Partnership recently completed a year-long study on the winds in the Upper Peninsula, and the results show that in many areas, there is sufficient wind to consider wind power.

      "It's encouraging to know that there's adequate wind for most U.P. communities," said Carl Lindquist of the LSWP. "There are many factors to consider, but many communities can address these, and if they can afford the initial investment, it then provides free energy, essentially, and clean energy, and that's a good thing for the future of the Upper Peninsula."

      "Take a clue from the Canadians who built a giant wind farm on Red Rock off Lake Superior," wrote Facebook user Cathy Jarski Kohring. "I've been over there and driven all over that farm and it's quiet, the windmills are attractive, and it's something we should be doing."

      The initial cost of most wind turbines is substantial, however, there are grants at both the state and federal levels to help communities afford them.