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      Is your property at full potential?

      Landowners went on a forestry field trip with conservationists exploring various property management techniques.

      The Dickinson Conservation District says nearly half of Michiganâ??s forests are owned by private landowners. Foresters at the DCD say many don't realize the value and potential just waiting to be sprouted. Conservationist Tom Berndt says the sky is the limit for owners that learn proper management techniques.

      â??If you want wildlife, thereâ??s a lot of different things you could do to enhance wildlife. If you want timber production, thereâ??re things you can do for timber production,â?? says Tom. â??You make a decision on how to manage it without being well enough informed, and you might make a decision that basically sets back the potential of your property.â??

      The purpose of the field trip was to help landowners avoid making those mistakes and encourage them to begin thinking about what they want from their land.

      â??You can do great things not only for your woodland but for your economic turnout in the end,â?? says DCD forester Brad Suave.

      Brad works one-on-one with landowners making house calls, conducting land assessments and directing them on how to achieve the property they desire.

      â??If they have any questions if they don't understand terminology I can lead them in the right direction to proper forest management,â?? says Brad.

      Landowners looking to manage and improve their property are encouraged to contact the Dickinson Conservation District at (906) 774-8441.