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      Ishpeming City Council lifts hiring freeze for tubing slopes

      The Ispheming City Council met earlier Friday morning to vote on the topic of seasonal hiring.

      New city manager, Mark Slown, and the city council voted in favor of temporarily lifting the hiring freeze in order to hire up to six seasonal employees to work at the tubing slopes at Al Quaal.

      The city has been under a permanent hiring freeze for several years due to an economic downturn.

      The tubing slopes were a $50,000 project brought to the area over five years ago.

      City council members agreed that the activity brings great revenue to the area and enhances the local community.

      "There's no intention of ending the hiring freeze in a general way, but we have to bring on the seasonal employees for the tubes at Al Quaal. Otherwise, we can't operate them and people would be disappointed," said Ishpeming City Manager, Mark Slown.

      Owners hope to open up the slopes to the public between Christmas and New Year's Day, depending on the amount of snow the area receives.