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      Ishpeming Fire Department wants new building

      The Ishpeming Fire Department could be in line for a brand new fire hall. At a special meeting of the Ishpeming City Council, City Manager Jared Ottenwess gave a presentation on the state of the current fire hall.

      The hall is 100 years old and is critically in need of structural repairs. Members of the Fire Department voiced their concerns at Wednesday's meeting. They say the building no longer meets the department's needs.

      "We're going to need all the support we can get from not only our own community but the surrounding communities as well," said Rich Laksonen of the Ishpeming Fire Department. "We all know that the funding isn't there; we're going to have to ask the taxpayers of the city for this. So, of course, we're going to need their support behind that in the form of a vote."

      The discussion included building a new fire hall that would cost more than three million dollars. Many on the council agreed that they would need community input.

      Funding the project may include asking voters to support a millage increase. The council voted to continue discussion at the next City Council meeting in July.