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      Ishpeming Historical Society Holds Grand Opening

      The Ishpeming Area Historical Society cut the ribbon today for its grand opening on the third floor of the Pioneer Square building.

      The 15 year old society had spent two years looking for a place to call home, and they found a space with a little history of its own.

      The building used to be called the Gossard building, which starting in the 1940s, produced womenâ??s undergarments.Now it hosts a series of stores with its newest tenant displaying relics of old home life, photography, sports memorabilia, and much more.

      Susan Boback, The president of the Ispheming Area Historical Society, says the museum is much more than a place to learn about local history.

      â??We've found that people want to share their memories â??oh I remember when I went here, I remember when I went there, or in the case of the Gossard building, I remember when I worked here; so people are coming to learn and to share.â?? Boback said

      The society also unveiled a new logo featuring a Native American.The name Ishpeming is Ojibwe for "higher place or ground" and "in the air or above".

      The museum is looking to add to their collection, requesting military artifacts, pictures of all the area schools, and much more.To find out more about the Ishpeming Area Historical Society, you can visit their Facebook page