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      Ishpeming jacket

      New U.P. fashion is on the rack at Getz's Clothiers in Marquette!

      Carhartt, a brand known for its high quality products, has introduced a new line of jackets. Each jacket is named after a different town or city, and one is named "Ishpeming."

      The Ishpeming jacket is made of durable canvas with a mesh lining. It has many pockets outside and inside, including a media port.

      "They're a great product, like the product that I have on, this is the Ishpeming jacket. It's their new fabric that they brought out last fall. And this happens to be a new jacket for the spring, and it just arrived, probably three weeks ago, and we hope it's going to be as good as everything else is from Carhartt," said Dennis Mingay, owner of Getz's Clothiers.

      Last summer, Carhartt made a sandal named for Marquette.