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      Ishpeming man heading to prison on assault charge

      An Ishpeming man, who allegedly held a knife to his wife's throat, will spend at least 20 months in prison.

      Thirty-six-year-old Ralph Eugene Emanuelson was sentenced Friday morning in Marquette County Circuit Court. In June, he pled no contest to one charge of assault with a dangerous weapon. Other charges were dropped as part of the agreement.

      Emanuelson also shot himself when police approached after the domestic violence incident that occurred on May 15.

      "Given the dangerous nature of the circumstances of this crime, your interjection of weapons in this crime, particularly a knife, leads me to one conclusion, Mr. Emanuelson, and that is you've earned your way to prison ," said Judge Thomas Solka.

      Solka also told Emanuelson, "Probably the two biggest crime categories we have in this county are substance abuse and domestic violence, and unfortunately in your case, they both come together in the events of this crime."

      The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of four years behind bars.