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      Ishpeming men sentenced in torture case

      Jason Sadowski and Charles Cope were in Marquette County Circuit Court on Monday to learn their sentences for the torture and kidnapping of two women last July.

      Forty-four-year-old Sadowski was sentenced to 40-to-80 years and 10-to-15 years regarding the charges of torture, unlawful imprisonment, assault and solicitation of murder. The prison terms are to be served back to back, according to the court.

      Cope, 66, received 25- to- 40 years in prison for two counts of torture, and 10-to-15 years in prison for two counts of unlawful imprisonment. Cope's prison terms will also be served consecutively.

      The case against the two Ishpeming men stemmed from an incident in July 2013, after two women were discovered tied up in the basement of a business owned by Sadowski.

      The two men were found guilty on March 4 after a trial that lasted several days.

      One of the victims and the mother of the other victim, who has since passed away due to unrelated circumstances, spoke in court.

      "Now i'm going to do one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. I have been to hell over the last few months, but Jason I forgive you" stated the Mother of now deceased woman.

      The surviving victim also spoke saying, "As much as I've tried to escape that night, I have consciously relived the horror and I wake up scared."