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      Ishpeming police chief fired by city manager

      The Ishpeming City Council had repeatedly denied the police chief a transfer of service that would have allowed him to retire.

      Bjorne had been on light duty for several months due to a spine condition. He'd asked for the transfer since he claimed he could not financially afford to retire at the current year's pension.

      Last week the City Council granted Chief Bjorne's full retirement for the city for 22 years of service. But in a three to two decision, the Council again denied his request for the city to purchase three years of service at the Marquette County Sheriff's Department for $25,000.

      This week, the reason he was fired, according to Ishpeming City Manager Jered Ottenwess, was because of "insubordination and misconduct related to communication with a council member."

      Councilwoman Claudia Demarest says Bjorne reportedly sent her an e-mail, accusing her of stalking him. She says she never stalked Bjorne.

      As of last week, Bjorne said he had planned to continue a separate lawsuit against the city of Ishpeming.