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      Ishpeming takes first step to address aggressive dogs

      The Ishpeming City Council held a special meeting Monday morning. They began the process of addressing an issue with aggressive dogs in their community.

      At last Wednesday's meeting, the group heard from citizens concerned about pet versus pet attacks. So Monday, City Manager Jered Ottenwess recommended a committee be formed to revise the existing ordinance or create a new one.

      While changes are being considered, Mayor Pat Scanlon made a motion for current rules to be enforced aggressively.

      "I think we need to direct our police chief to put the highest priority on our leash law and the ordinances that are in effect right now," he said to the council.

      Scanlon told the police department to look into buying equipment for animal control.

      In other business, the council reviewed their audit from 2011. Councilman John Stone said Ishpeming's current financial situation looks the best it has in his eight years of service.