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      Ishpeming's Cleveland Cliffs Office's last days

      After 124 years, starting Monday Lundin Mining is tearing down the old Cleveland Cliffs Office in Ishpeming and giving the land to the city.

      The antique vault doors are essentially the only thing of value left in the condemned office.

      The office was built in 1890 and used by Lundin Mining as an office from 2008 to 2012. The company then moved its headquarters to the Humboldt Mill, finally rendering the office obsolete.

      "The City of Ishpeming and the community were really good hosts to us while we were here. We want to see this building come down and the land be reused for good purposes. So, with the museum here, and the lake across the street... It'll be a really good opportunity for the city to do something with the land." said Eagle Mine communications spokesperson Dan Blondeau.

      Leo LaFond is well accquainted with the old office, considering he worked for Cliffs for 37 years and is currently the president of the Cliffs Shaft Mine Museum right across from it.

      He says the building holds a lot of memories for him and the city, but that its time for it to be retired.

      "It was a part of Ishpeming for many years. A lot of people hate to see it come down, but when a building gets old its gotta come down. And I hope they do something with the property." said LaFond.

      Exactly what will be done with the property is still unclear according to city officials.

      "I have had input from some citizens that they'd like to see it made into a park. Some other citizens have said that they think it should be made a bandshell for concerts." said Ishpeming City Manager Mark Slown.

      Until the city council makes its decision, the property will remain a simple grass field.