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      It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a giant chainsaw?

      It's definitely something you don't see everyday: a helicopter flying around with a massive chainsaw attached beneath it.

      The American Transmission Company teamed up with Aerial Solutions to begin trimming trees along transmission lines in Marquette.

      "We have a routine vegetation management program at ATC, and use of the helicopter saw is just one aspect of what we do," said Brett French, of ATC.

      On Tuesday, crews continued to cut vegetation around the power lines and substation off of County Road 492 in Marquette Township.

      According to ATC, trimming from the sky is more efficient than on the ground in densely wooded areas.

      This is the second year ATC has used the air saw. The company plans to use them in the future as part of their routine vegetation management program in order to protect the surrounding areas.

      "With the extreme heat and drought that we are going through right now, if we have vegetation growing into our right-aways and near the conductors, it's a fire hazard and it's very dangerous," said Janssen Baij, a Transmission Line Maintenance Specialist at ATC.

      The high-flying spectacle attracts a lot of attention, but workers say there are a few things to remember to keep you from getting harmed.

      "The main thing is to keep your eyes on the road if you see them along the roadway," Baij said, "and stay back. If you're walking through the woods, stay back at least 200 feet."

      ATC expects to have completed their project in Marquette by the weekend. Then, over the next few weeks, ATC will work on projects in Ontonagon county and northern Wisconsin.