76 / 53
      78 / 56
      82 / 60

      It's a scorcher out there!

      Well, the weathermen here at TV6/FOX UP say Friday was the hottest day of our summer so far. Temperatures got up to the high eighties.

      Marquette residents took advantage of the gorgeous weather by sun-bathing on the beach. Some preferred not to melt in the heat and took to the water instead.

      The warm weather brought out a number of U.P. residents for other outdoor activities as well.

      "I'm excited; it'll be nice, I think. Take a break from all this cold weather and ridiculousness that this summer is," said Nathan Rotundo, a Marquette resident.

      And if you are someone who likes cooler weather, don't worry.

      We all know summer here in the U.P. doesn't last long, and we have some possible thunderstorms coming our way to cool things down a little.

      You can check out Karl Bohnak's forecast here.