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      It's called The100DayProject

      Nine Upper Michigan artists showcased their art after participating in The100DayProject.

      It's a new volunteer effort at the Marquette Arts and Culture Center, located within the Peter White Public Library. Artists chose a new art challenge and worked on it for 100 consecutive days. Organizers say it's a way of examining the creative process. Draftsman Jason Limberg created a large-scale drawing, something he had never attempted before. The work, entitled "Whispers Among the Cedar Trees," was done all in ball-point pen. He says he used at least five full Bic pens, totaling about 20 miles of markings. According to the Bic website, each pen can draw for about two miles.

      "I love it. I love the process that it took. I love The100DayProject because it lead me to do something I never would have done before, and I love what it's reaped out of it," said Limberg.

      The100DayProject will be on display through November.

      On Saturday, October 12, the Arts and Culture Center will host an informational meeting about a community 100DayProject set to begin in January.