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      It's Meow March

      You and your cat can go on a fun adventure and raise money for a good cause.

      The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) is holding their first "Meow March."

      Throughout this entire month of March, supporters can go on a virtual walk with their cat online. Every dollar raised brings your cat a mile closer to the final destination. Your cat can travel to places across the U.P. "It's kind of a slow time for donations for us, and we kind of wanted to honor the cats that support UPAWS and the cats lovers out there that like to support UPAWS, so it's a really fun way to kind of get involved with your cat, to show off your cat, and march the furthest," said UPAWS Manager, Lareina Van Strien.

      All funds donated will go to help the shelter, and the top three marchers will win a prize. The shelter hopes to raise $2,000. To see how to get started on the Meow March, click here.