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      It's official...the Diocese of Marquette has a new Bishop

      A long applause and standing ovation welcomed new Bishop John Doerfler.

      The new bishop's mother, Germaine Doerfler, looked on from the front row, overwhelmed and overjoyed for her son.

      "It's just beautiful," expressed the mom. "I know John is going to be very, very happy in Marquette."

      The ceremony began with songs, prayers and praise. Then the Bishop-elect promised his faithfulness to the Church followed by Laying on the Hands. The gesture is a symbol of invoking the Holy Spirit. After another prayer, Doerfler was officially ordained and then invited to sit in the bishop's chairâ?| marking his official installation.

      John Doerfler first introduced himself as "the new guy" in December. He said it was a big surprise but one he welcomed.

      "I'm delighted to have this opportunity to serve the people of Marquette," said Doerfler.

      He succeeds Alexander Sample who was appointed last April to Archbishop in Oregon. Archbishop Sample said the day brings a certain sense of closure knowing 50,000 Catholics in Upper Michigan have a new Shepherd.

      "I think this is a match made in heaven between the Diocese of Marquette and Bishop Doerfler," said Sample. "I know Bishop Doerfler very well and he'll be a great, great Shepherd for the people of the Upper Peninsula."

      Bishop John Doerfler said his first official order of business will be to get to know the Catholics in the Diocese of Marquette by traveling and making appearances.