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      It's time to find "Serenity in the Pines"

      You may of heard of "Serenity Now," but what about Serenity in the Pines? Serenity in the Pines is a snowshoe hike hosted by the Gwinn All-Sport Booster Club. The hike is a three mile trek around the Up North Lodge in Gwinn.

      It also included a scavenger hunt along the way, where snowshoers had to search for certain items involving sports. Participants that found the most items received gift cards.

      The booster club raises money for Gwinn High School Sports.

      "We help pay for uniforms, bussing, equipment issues, anything that the kids need to keep the sports going here at Gwinn High School," said Jackie Hart, President of the Gwinn All-Sport Booster Club.

      In addition to the event, the club raises money throughout the rest of the year with other fundraisers as well.