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      Jacobetti Home brings in Sunshine Girls to brighten veterans' day

      Veterans at the D.J. Jacobetti Home in Marquette had some music to brighten their day thanks to a local performance group.

      The Sunshine Girls are a Marquette County based group that performs a variety of classic patriotic songs including "Grand Old Flag" and "This Land is Your Land." They encourage audience participation and even use some homemade instruments.

      The crowd seemed to really enjoy when the girls played a few polkas.

      "They live up to their name, they dress in bright yellow and bring sunshine wherever they come," says Jacobetti Home Activities Coordinator Ken Arseneau. "We like to have a variety of different entertainment here and this fills that bill by offering something a little different than just maybe a person with a guitar."

      The D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans brings the Sunshine Girls in several times throughout the year.