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      Jail time for man who stole from elderly

      A Marquette man will spend nine months in jail for stealing medication and money from elderly residents.

      Thirty-six-year-old Scott Groleau was in Marquette County Circuit Court Friday after pleading guilty to second degree home invasion.

      Several victims from the Snowberry Heights senior living complex, where the crimes took place, spoke in court.

      They said Groleau's crime has caused them to live in fear and some of the victims are still in need of counseling.

      "I apologize to the residents that were affected in a negative way. It is very uncharacteristic of me and my apologies. My apologies also to the court. I'm continuing to work in the program," said Scott Groleau.

      Groleau is currently in a drug rehabilitation program. After he serves his nine months in jail, he will be on probation for a year.