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      Jams 50 years in the making

      When it comes to making some of the best jellies and jams, Barbara Perreault has mastered the skill.

      Originally from Texas, Barbara made the U.P. her home in 1953, and she's been making a variety of jams and jellies for the past 50 years.

      "I got started in 1962. My friendâ??s mother ran a shop in Delaware and we picked wild strawberries and then she showed me how to pick and clean the thimbleberries and how to cook them," said Perreault.

      Barb calls thimbleberries "Michigan gold" because she sells a lot of thimbleberry jam and jelly.

      Barb does't just specialize in jams and jellies, she also knits, crochets, quilts, and sews and sells all of her creations in her shop.

      "I knit the fur yarn in with the cuffs because to me the yarn is too thin to make the whole (mitten), and it would not hold up," Perreault said.

      The 78-year-old isnâ??t slowing down anytime soon, and with a basket at her side, she went on a hunt for sugarplums.

      Barbara says she now sells her jams and jellies in all 50 states.

      "It took me 44 years to get the 50th state in my shop," Perreault said.

      From strawberries to chokeberries, if it's an edible berry, you might catch Barbara picking them.

      If youâ??d like to try some of Barbara Perreaultâ??s jelly or jam, you can order some by calling (906) 337-3634.