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      Janes waiting to see if he'll stand trial

      The Munising man, who is facing charges in a pit bull dog attack, will find out in fourteen days if he has to stand trial.

      Forty-eight-year-old John Janes is charged with having dangerous animals and being a habitual offender.

      The alleged attack happened at the end of May when Janes' unattended dog mauled a seven-year-old Munising Township girl.

      He was bound over to Alger County Circuit Court earlier this month, but at a pretrial hearing on Monday, Janes' attorney filed a motion to have that overthrown. The defense maintained that there isn't substantial evidence of negligence.

      "So there's no indication that he caused the attack or the injury, and no evidence was produced to prove or to show that this dog had previously exhibited any aggressive behavior whatsoever," said Janes' attorney, Katherine Denholm.

      But Prosecutor Karen Bahrman said a dangerous animal is simply defined as a dog that bites someone. She also pointed to Janes' prior ownership of a pit bull that also bit a person.

      In two weeks, Judge William Carmody will issue a written decision to announce if the case will proceed.