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      Jason Sadowski gives his testimony

      As of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, the case of Jason Sadowski and Charles Cope was put into the hands of the jury.

      The second week of the trial of the two men accused of kidnapping and torture continued.

      Jason Sadowski's ex-girlfriend, Kristen Henson, took the stand. Following her brief statement, Jason Sadowski took to the stand where his attorney examined him.

      Sadowski went through the activities of the night of July 1, 2013 starting where he met the women at Hickey's Bar after one of the women approached him about purchasing marijuana.

      Charles Cope was also at the bar that night, but left early, according to Sadowski and headed to the home where Jason Sadowski and the women ended up. They then followed him to his home where he kept his marijuana for his patients with medical needs.

      Sadowski said once he and the women began smoking and drinking in his bedroom, one of the women admitted they had been stealing from him the entire night. He says the two women then began to turn on each other and got into a physical altercation about who actually stole his money, marijuana and jewelry.

      Sadowski claims the situation somewhat cooled down. The women followed him down to the basement, where Charles Cope was, so they could get cigarettes from him.

      Sadowski then claimed that he had left the basement, and once he returned, the women were tied up.

      "Well, they answered, the woman and LeRoy both answered. LeRoy started saying that the little one went after the fat one. She said, nobody's leaving until you get the rest of your money back," said Sadowski.

      Sadowski claimed one woman tied up both herself and the other woman, and to his knowledge, Cope had not touched the women.

      Closing arguments are expected to be made on Tuesday morning; then the jury will begin deliberation.