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      JCPenney offers free haircuts for kids

      JCPenney is offering free haircuts to kids for the entire month of August. The salon says kids kindergarten-sixth grade can stop in to your local JCPenney salon for a free haircut.

      JCPenney recommends calling ahead of time to avoid a long wait. While your child waits, the salon in Houghton is offering free cookies and water.

      "We're doing a lot of major changes for the kids. We have kids coming in with longer hair, and I just gave a short, really cute haircut to a boy, and another girl who had long hair, we cut into a short bob. So they're doing some dramatic changes for back to school. Most kids like to go back to school with a new look, and so that's what we're doing," said Joseph LaFebre, salon leader.

      JCPenney is also giving away free bags filled with mini samples of hair products, and for every haircut given Wednesday, August 1, the company will donate a dollar to the 4-H Club and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

      You can call the Houghton JCPenney salon at (906) 482-6130.