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      Jeffers students build sauna for FinnFest

      Jeffers High School shop students are putting the finishing touches on a sauna theyâ??ve been working on for FinnFest.

      Every year, the class tries to do a project for the community, and after being contacted by the Toivola Fire Department, the class decided to put their efforts toward the sauna.

      Industrial Arts teacher, Gary Miller, said the students are not only contributing to their community, theyâ??re also learning valuable trades.

      â??Itâ??s not something that all the schools are offering anymore,â?? said Miller. â??It seems to be kind of dying out, but itâ??s still very necessary.â??

      Junior Jonathan Lehto said he finds the class interesting and useful.

      â??Just to learn new things and how to build and kind of, like, how everything works,â?? said Lehto.

      Cedar logs were donated to the school for the sauna, which the students cut themselves.

      â??The students were able to take the logs and cut boards from scratch and end up with the finished product like this sauna,â?? Miller explained.

      Like most saunas, this one is constructed entirely out of cedar. Itâ??s about 8 feet wide, 14 feet long, and about 10 feet high.

      But the work proved to be not so instinctual.

      â??Build a frame, and you put OSB on there, put a few boards,â?? Lehto laughed. â??I donâ??t really know how to build a sauna either. I just went with it!â??

      But with a little guidance, the students constructed a sauna of which they could be proud.

      â??In the shop classes, they build projects for themselves, but if theyâ??re also involved with something that theyâ??ll see in the community, over the years they can look back and say, â??I helped make that,â??â?? Miller said. â??Itâ??s a lot of fun. I like to see them have pride in their work.â??

      The sauna will be raffled off at the Juhannus celebration in Toivola, June 22, for just five dollars per ticket. If you would like to buy a raffle ticket, contact the Toivola Fire Department, or visit their Facebook page.