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      Jeffrey Farrey indicted

      Jackson Farrey

      Jeffrey Farrey, father of the presumed dead five-month-old Jackson Farrey, was indicted Wednesday, Dec. 11 by a grand jury on one count of injury to a child by omission, reports the El Paso Times.

      Filed Wednesday, the indictment charges him with causing serious bodily injury to his son by omission, not providing medical care, control and protection.

      Officials at the 384th District Court say no further dates have been set, as they are waiting to hear from Farreyâ??s lawyer, Joe Spencer. His bond remains at $1.5 million.

      According to officials at the El Paso Texas Police Department, the identity of the infant found in the desert near Orogrande, N.M. has not been confirmed. The body of the child, believed to be in the desert for about a month, is still undergoing toxicology tests at the University of New Mexico Medical Examinerâ??s office. Results can take as long as six weeks, say El Paso Texas Police officials.

      The surviving son, 19-month-old Blake Farrey, will be transferring from Michigan Child Protective Services to Texas, reports the El Paso Times. There is no set timeline for how long this process may take. Michigan Child Protective Services were unable to comment on the case.

      Jenna Farrey, Jackson and Blakeâ??s mother, met with her lawyer, Josh Herrera, on Dec. 4, reports the El Paso Times. She waived her right to an extradition hearing in Michigan, after being charged with violating probation in connection to a child abandonment and endangerment charge from 2012. She has yet to be indicted, and there are no new charges against her, said officials at the 384th District Court.

      The missing family was found Nov. 17 at the Eagles Nest Motel in Escanaba.