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      Jeremy Rowe performs at the Orpheum Theater

      Jeremy Rowe has been playing the guitar since he was 16 years old. â??Growing up in my family, thereâ??s not a lot of musicians in my family, but thereâ??s a lot of music lovers, so I just grew up having an appreciation for music,â?? said musician Jeremy Rowe. That appreciation for music led him to release his third album titled â??Between Two Mirrors.â?? â??The whole title comes off of a song that I had called â??Between Two Mirrorsâ?? that I wrote six or seven years ago, and I had the album concept and the artwork and everything for the album in my head five years ago before I even wrote the album,â?? Rowe said. Rowe also writes all of his own music, and he also plays the bass on the entire album. Roweâ??s talents go even further because he has spent over 150 hours in the studio producing and engineering his own music. â??Actually recording and engineering, itâ??s a science, and of course looking behind peopleâ??s shoulders. It came to me quickly once I took over that position by getting my own studio and recording my own stuff,â?? Rowe said. Rowe is looking forward to the release of his new album, and heâ??s no stranger to a little taste of fame. In 2010, Roweâ??s song â??I Find a Frequencyâ?? was the top podcasted song in the world according to MMA Hit Makers. If youâ??re interested in hearing some of the songs of Roweâ??s new CD, heâ??s hitting the stage this Friday night at the Orpheum Theater in Hancock. The doors open at 7:30 p.m. If youâ??d like to listen to Roweâ??s songs, click here. His music can also be found on iTunes.