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      Judge weighs case against Stieler family

      The fate of a high profile case against two Skandia parents charged with medical neglect of their son remains in limbo Thursday.

      The Department of Human Services brought the charges against Ken and Erin Stieler after their refusal to allow additional chemo and radiation therapy to treat their son Jacob's cancer.

      In a motions hearing Thursday the judge put off deciding whether or not to grant a motion to dismiss the case. The Stieler's attorney argued a lack of medical evidence weakened the state's case that Jacob was still sick, and that further treatment could lead to dangerous and unknown side effects for an 11-year-old boy.

      Meanwhile, the DHS attorney Dianne Heihtman defended Jacob's doctor's in keeping with the conventional treatment, otherwise Jacob would face fatal consequences.

      "I'm very happy with what happened," said Jacob's mom, Erin Stieler. "I think it's a good sign Solka is looking over the petition and reading all of the facts."

      If the trial does go forward, it is slated to begin on January 10.