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      Judges pick Winter Carnival winners based on artistry and neatness

      The scaffolds, hatchets, and irons are down, and the winners for the Winter Carnival statue competition are in.

      Students put their skills to the test, braving the elements to construct an impressive display depicting childhood films under the theme, "Nostalgic films of childhood days come to life in frosty ways."

      For the seventh year in a row, Hancockâ??s Phi Kappa Tau placed first in the fraternities' month-long division with their depiction of Disneyâ??s Beauty and the Beast.

      â??The thing that impressed me about the statues this year was, given the adverse weather conditions, the amount of detail and the amount of effort they put in on the statues,â?? said judge and Michigan Tech faculty retiree, Pat Joyce.

      Despite the behemoth nature of these icy sculptures, there are a few ground rules. For example, statues cannot exceed 28 feet in height for safety reasons, and they must be completely handmade.

      â??We just say, â??We want you to keep it a hand process,â??â?? said Blue Key Society President, Jack Lubinski. â??We donâ??t want you to use power tools. We want them to really get involved in what youâ??re doing, bond with your team, because thatâ??s what itâ??s all about is bonding with the group that youâ??re with.â??

      Judging criteria included things like neatness, whiteness of snow, and lettering, with artistry and intricacy making up the most points.

      â??They all stood out in their own way, but thereâ??s always a couple clear-cut winners in your mind or ones that you can see that the efforts were put in,â?? said judge Jeff Sudderth. â??It was a good show by all, though.â??

      This year seemed prime for statue building due to the massive amount of snow, but Carnival officials called off five build days due to the subzero temperatures, forcing students to make a few design sacrifices.

      â??We didnâ??t want them to go out and get frostbite. So, with the time that they had, I thought they did a fantastic job,â?? Lubinski said.

      â??Thereâ??s a lot of work that goes into this and these statues, so you really have to appreciate that these are full-time students that are putting this kind of work in, and also the way they do it for the community,â?? Sudderth added.

      In the women's division of the month-long build, Alpha Sigma Tau took first place with their Cinderella sculpture. The university housing winner for the all-nighter competition was Bastille with their Bugs Bunny statue. The Audio Engineering Society won the interactive statues category, new this year, with their speaker system display.

      For a full list of winners and Winter Carnival activities through the weekend, visit their website here .