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      Jumpers ready for Suicide Hill Tournament

      Ski jumpers from around the world filled the tables at a meet and greet at the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame. On Wednesday they will be competing at the 126th Annual Suicide Hill Ski Jump Tournament.

      "I'm feeling good, confident! I'm pretty tired from all of the other competitions we went to, but feeling pretty good," said Sabastian Klinga, Finland team.

      This year they are expecting to have at least 20 jumpers participate in the tournament. There are several teams including Finland, Canada, Norway and the U.S.

      Officials say everything looks like it will work out according to plan.

      "The hill crew did a great job; they got the hill prepped and ready. The weather looks good tomorrow, so that's always a concerning factor, but looks like it's going to be good. We are going to put on a good show along with the other teams," said Zak Hammill, coach.

      Jumpers will be out in the morning to get some practice on the ramp. Everyone's pumped for the competition.

      "I'm feeling pretty good. I won last weekend in west Wisconsin. So I'm hoping to do the same here tomorrow night which would be great," said Michael Glasdeer, jumper.

      You can purchase entry buttons at the Ski Hall of Fame in Ishpeming.

      The tournament starts at 6 p.m. at the Suicide Hill in Ishpeming. Click here for more information.